Bubble Beirut

Graphic design and concept for the photography book Bubble Beirut by Anna Bosch Miralpeix with texts by Àlex Gutiérrez. Printed partially at L’Automàtica.

Objectes Banals

Graphic design and concept for the book Objectes banals by Quim Catalozella. Book cover printed at L’Automàtica.

Special edition for Casa Orlandai

From a children school to a life school.

Quote by Marcel Oliveres Künzi

Limited edition of 300 prints for Casa Orlandai. Printed at l’Automàtica.

The soundscape

Graphic design and layout for El paisaje sonoro by R. Murray Schafer, edited by Intermedio. Book covers printed at l’Automàtica mixing offset and typographic engraving.

It’s hard to find a good lamp

In 1993 Donald Judd wrote a text entitled “It’s hard to find a good lamp.” This animation used all the 241 IKEA lamps models found at their website in 2014. The animation was printed as a limited edition of flip books. Each flip book included 80 frames of the animation, becoming a unique work.


Graphic design and printing of Notícies de Gurb by Iagoalaiaga i els detectius salvatges. Printed at l’Automàtica using both offset and letterpress. Papers: Coloraction 350gr. and Munken Rough.

Visual Atlas of Catalan Art Centers

A project about visualization and appropiation of the public information of the art centers in Catalonia members of Xarxaprod. A tool for a critical engagement with information, expecting to transform information into knowledge. Selected and produced in the call X-ONLINE Xarxaprod 2013.

Yacine & the Oriental Groove – gràfica CD

Graphic design, concept and cover printing for the band Yacine & the Oriental Groove.

Dizaina postcards

Graphic design and letterpress print.


Letterpress printing

Amistad, el último toque Lubitsch

Graphic design and layout for Amistad by Samson Raphaelson published by Intermedio. Book cover printed at l’Automàtica.

Printing of Amistad at l’Automàtica

Printing a book cover at l’Automàtica.