Cranc: flipbooks

Edició de flipbooks per a les sessions de Cranc

El secret de les festes

Gràfica i il·lustracions del segon disc del cantautor Santi Eizaguirre. Cada personatge il·lustra un tema del disc i el conjunt il·lustra el secret de les festes. 

Bubble Beirut

Graphic design and concept for the photography book Bubble Beirut by Anna Bosch Miralpeix with texts by Àlex Gutiérrez. Printed partially at L’Automàtica.

El mosaic del meu barri

Advertising campaign for Barcelona Archaeology Service (Barcelona City Council). Animated ad and posters at OPIS.

Objectes Banals

Graphic design and concept for the book Objectes banals by Quim Catalozella. Book cover printed at L’Automàtica.

Housing and society

Graphic design and layout of the book Housing and society in XXI Century Catalonia. Illustrations and graphics were adapted to the graphic aesthetic of the book.


Poster proposal for the 166th edition of Candelera market at Molins de Rei. Not realised.

Smuggling is lost in the air

Short film adapting an excerpt of the book Solnegre by Baltasar Porcel. Part of the exhibition Baltasar Porcel. Malloca, Barcelona, el món. Script by Julià Guillamon, voice by Carme Sansa.

TV identity

Proposal of identity, design and motion graphics for a television network. Not realized.

& idea

Drawings on historical characters and their ideas.

Bresson por Bresson

Design and layout for Bresson por Bresson, Spanish edition by Intermedio.

Jean Cocteau

Design and layout for La Bella y la Bestia, diario de rodaje by Jean Cocteau, Spanish edition by Intermedio.

Special edition for Casa Orlandai

From a children school to a life school.

Quote by Marcel Oliveres Künzi

Limited edition of 300 prints for Casa Orlandai. Printed at l’Automàtica.

Constant Cartography

Constant Cartography is an art project about the visual rhetoric of urban cartography focusing on the following question: how do maps express their ideology? Project done with Belen Nogueira with a grant on research and creation by Generalitat de Catalunya in 2014.


Meta-Method. Shared methodologies in artistic processes.