Bubble Beirut

Graphic design and concept for the photography book Bubble Beirut by Anna Bosch Miralpeix with texts by Àlex Gutiérrez. Printed partially at L’Automàtica.

Las Sinsombrero, Educación

Educational interactive for the trasmedia project Las Sinsombrero (including also a webdoc). Hosted at leer.es and aimed to give educational materials related to the women of Generación del 27.

Chinese boxes

Chinese boxes is the website of an artistic project by Montse Carreño and Raquel Muñoz about China and Spain using a fictional story about reproduction and fake.

Raval’s vampire

360 documentary about one of the most infamous criminal cases in the history of Barcelona. Mixing recreated interviews, archive material and animation.


Tirabirak is a transmedia project about newspaper comic strips related to the Basque conflict.

What can I do?

What can I do? Think, involve yourself and act for a world free of social inequality, a fair world is an interactive made for Metges del Món Catalunya (an NGO of doctors).

Las Sinsombrero

Interactive documentary –one of the faces of a transmedia project– about reclaim, disseminate and perpetuate the legacy of the many forgotten women of Generación del 27, at the beginning of the XX Century Spain. Directed by Intropía Media for RTVE.


Interactive documentary using parallax about the Gothic neighborhood in Barcelona. Developed at Master de Documental Creatiu at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Speech Success – Interactive Haiku

Are you looking for listeners? This is the place to achieve the applause of a public only listening to you. This experience will allow your ideas and thoughts to have recognition for a minute, changing the perception that there is nobody on the other side.

Selected and produced at the call Interactive Haiku by NFB and Arte.


Interactive documentary using appropriation as a strategy, playing with the relation between word and images. Developed at Master de Documental Creatiu at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Selected at IDFA DOCLAB Competition for Digital Storytelling 2014.

The Borders

Interactive documentary directed by Jorge Caballero and Laia Ramos with three different levels of interaction. An interactive comic, a combination of street view with multimedia materials and interviews.

Solos -webdoc

A portrait of a family using two videos and three synchronized audios. Implemented using HTML5, Popcorn and JavaScript. Webdoc developed at Master de Documental Creatiu at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Visual Atlas of Catalan Art Centers

A project about visualization and appropiation of the public information of the art centers in Catalonia members of Xarxaprod. A tool for a critical engagement with information, expecting to transform information into knowledge. Selected and produced in the call X-ONLINE Xarxaprod 2013.


Web development and design for WordPress powered websites.

SEAT: Shadows of progress

Webdoc about the experiences of seven workers of Seat during repression years. The exposition and graphic concept is the assembly line, allowing for different forms of interaction. Developed at Master de Documental Creatiu at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).


Website archive and diagram on the end of Portuguese colonialism in Africa. Diagram developed using Processing for visualizing the database, converted into HTML5/JavaScript using processing.js