Speech Success – Interactive Haiku

Are you looking for listeners? This is the place to achieve the applause of a public only listening to you. This experience will allow your ideas and thoughts to have recognition for a minute, changing the perception that there is nobody on the other side.

Selected and produced at the call Interactive Haiku by NFB and Arte.

Visual Atlas of Catalan Art Centers

A project about visualization and appropiation of the public information of the art centers in Catalonia members of Xarxaprod. A tool for a critical engagement with information, expecting to transform information into knowledge. Selected and produced in the call X-ONLINE Xarxaprod 2013.


Interactive tool related to the experimental animation project 72.024 thousandth part of a year. All the information related to the animations (day, technique, place…) is available as a way to interact both with the animations and the creation process.


Development of a software of real-time voice alteration –using Pure Data– for a live intervention by Eloi Puig at the exhibition Salvat-Papasseit poetavantguardistacatalà at Centre d’Art Santa Mònica.


Development for a persolanized christmas at Fine Arts Department of University of Barcelona. Idea by Eloi Puig and Montse Carrenyo.



News archive open and as a work in progress, aiming at a different way to visualize and engage with information.