Speech Success – Interactive Haiku

Are you looking for listeners? This is the place to achieve the applause of a public only listening to you. This experience will allow your ideas and thoughts to have recognition for a minute, changing the perception that there is nobody on the other side.

Selected and produced at the call Interactive Haiku by NFB and Arte.

Step by Step Phenakistoscope

An implementation of the optical toy of the XIX Century using Arduino and an stepper mottor

Visual Atlas of Catalan Art Centers

A project about visualization and appropiation of the public information of the art centers in Catalonia members of Xarxaprod. A tool for a critical engagement with information, expecting to transform information into knowledge. Selected and produced in the call X-ONLINE Xarxaprod 2013.


Interactive tool related to the experimental animation project 72.024 thousandth part of a year. All the information related to the animations (day, technique, place…) is available as a way to interact both with the animations and the creation process.


Development of a software of real-time voice alteration –using Pure Data– for a live intervention by Eloi Puig at the exhibition Salvat-Papasseit poetavantguardistacatalà at Centre d’Art Santa Mònica.


Development for a persolanized christmas at Fine Arts Department of University of Barcelona. Idea by Eloi Puig and Montse Carrenyo.



News archive open and as a work in progress, aiming at a different way to visualize and engage with information.