Roundabouts. Panoramas and phases for a moving observer

Roundabouts are threshold spaces between the urban and the rural. The moving landscape breaks down and is reconstructed through a game of layers and phases. Inspired by the studies of the architect Kevin Lynch and by minimalist structures of Steve Reich’s music.

Light and Street

Video essay produced for the on-line channel Soy Cámara (CCCB). A study of the uses of the light in the public space in four parts: “Night without shadows”, “Mechanical night”, “Electrical nights” and “Liberación y reparación” [Unlocking and repair/Liberation and reparation]

Tangible Animation

An animation programme of contemporary Catalan animators curated for Bill Festival 2016.

Face and Code

New technologies and the social media networks are producing a new iconography of the face. In the field of research, software is being created that recognizes the identity or the emotions. In the field of social practices, the face is the center of actions such as a selfie or of apps allowing masking and changing of faces. This renewed iconography is inscribed in a long tradition of studies of the face that have aimed to measure it and make it speak. From physiognomy to digital biometrics, from the correct representation of passions to the monitoring of spectators, passing through the grimace as rebellion, the face has a history made of images.

A Catalan Constellation. Seven stellar stories

Seven stories of Catalan literature. A constellation that travels from Quim Monzó to Ramon Llull, including Joanot Martorell, Narcís Oller, Maria Barbal i Maria-Mercè Marçal. Script by Julià Guillamon

Smuggling is lost in the air

Short film adapting an excerpt of the book Solnegre by Baltasar Porcel. Part of the exhibition Baltasar Porcel. Malloca, Barcelona, el món. Script by Julià Guillamon, voice by Carme Sansa.

Així, senyor Director, ara tampoc no cobrarem?

Animated version of the short tale by Salvador Espriu “Els subalterns” from Ariadna al laberint grotesc (1935).

Step by Step Phenakistoscope

An implementation of the optical toy of the XIX Century using Arduino and an stepper mottor

It’s hard to find a good lamp

In 1993 Donald Judd wrote a text entitled “It’s hard to find a good lamp.” This animation used all the 241 IKEA lamps models found at their website in 2014. The animation was printed as a limited edition of flip books. Each flip book included 80 frames of the animation, becoming a unique work.

In the Penal Colony

An animated essay about the body based on Franz Kafka’s short story and on scientific drawings.

From magic to the moon

Animation, live visuals and scenography for the theater show “From magic to the moon” by Mamut Cinema about the life and work of Georges Méliès.

Five months trying to draw New York

An animation film about characters and situations seen while having a coffee. Made in different New York locations. A look at the sketchbook of Marcel Pie Barba.

Ink and Tango

The first animation by Marcel Pié Barba. Two realities confronted inside the same country: tango and corralito. What will happen if we suddenly discovered that barcodes have little love messages?

New York in three parts

As Mario Benedetti said: “A city is a book that you read with your feet.” New York is, in our mental landscape, a city of literature or a movie city, so many times portrayed by writers or filmmakers. Walking in this gigantic metropolis is like being in an unending and complex text, looking were to add a footnote.