Proyecto Arkano

Motion graphics and animation for Proyecto Arkano (Producciones del Barrio and RTVE).


Music video of the song “Guerra” by Yacine Belahcene

Peixos d’aigua dolça (en aigua salada)

Animation and graphic design for the documentary Peixos d’aigua dolça (en aigua salada) (2018) by Marc Serena.

El mosaic del meu barri

Advertising campaign for Barcelona Archaeology Service (Barcelona City Council). Animated ad and posters at OPIS.

El Celler de Can Roca

Videowall for the exhibition El Celler de Can Roca. From the earth to the moon.

Smuggling is lost in the air

Short film adapting an excerpt of the book Solnegre by Baltasar Porcel. Part of the exhibition Baltasar Porcel. Malloca, Barcelona, el món. Script by Julià Guillamon, voice by Carme Sansa.

Dizaina 2015

Spot for Dizaina, a design market in Figueres.

Special edition at l’Automàtica

Video about the printing of a special edition for the friends of l’Automàtica.

Docfield 2014

Animation spot for DOCfield Barcelona 2014

Debe haber algo que esconder

Drawings and video for Debe haber algo que esconder by Rafel G. Bianchi.

Barcelona City Awards

Motion graphics for Premis Ciutat de Barcelona (2011, 2012 i 2013).

Fundación Banco Herrero Award

Motion graphics for Fundación Banco Herrero Awards 2012 and 2013

Installation at Sala Banc Sabadell

10 animated screens for Banc Sabadell. Animation made with Pepón Meneses.

Miniput 2008

Spot for MINIPUT 13, quality television festival at Barcelona.