El mosaic del meu barri

Advertising campaign for Barcelona Archaeology Service (Barcelona City Council). Animated ad and posters at OPIS.

Smuggling is lost in the air

Short film adapting an excerpt of the book Solnegre by Baltasar Porcel. Part of the exhibition Baltasar Porcel. Malloca, Barcelona, el món. Script by Julià Guillamon, voice by Carme Sansa.

& idea

Drawings on historical characters and their ideas.

Special edition for Casa Orlandai

From a children school to a life school.

Quote by Marcel Oliveres Künzi

Limited edition of 300 prints for Casa Orlandai. Printed at l’Automàtica.

Book cover illustration

Drawing for the book cover of La Democracia Profunda de los Foros Abiertos by Arnold Mindell

It’s hard to find a good lamp

In 1993 Donald Judd wrote a text entitled “It’s hard to find a good lamp.” This animation used all the 241 IKEA lamps models found at their website in 2014. The animation was printed as a limited edition of flip books. Each flip book included 80 frames of the animation, becoming a unique work.


A sample of drawings related to realized and unrealized projects.

Against the City · Fira del teatre de Tàrrega

Drawings for Against the city by Esteve Soler and Jordi Queralt, premiered at Fira de Tàrrega 2013.

En blanc

Graphic design and concept for Nour’s second record.