Double Epidemic

Double Epidemic is an interactive documentary about homophobia and transphobia and its consequences on the fight against VIH in Africa. Twenty experts of African countries are interviewed in the documentary. Directed by the journalist Marc Serena and hosted by the on-line edition newspapers Ara and El País.

TV identity

Proposal of identity, design and motion graphics for a television network. Not realized.

& idea

Drawings on historical characters and their ideas.

Zinebi Workshop on Webdocs

Workshop on designing, directing and producing webdocs at ZINEBILAB of International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao – ZINEBI. November 2015. Workshop made with Jorge Caballero and organized by Vanesa Fernández Guerra, Patxi Azpillaga and Begoña Vicario.

Bresson por Bresson

Design and layout for Bresson por Bresson, Spanish edition by Intermedio.

Jean Cocteau

Design and layout for La Bella y la Bestia, diario de rodaje by Jean Cocteau, Spanish edition by Intermedio.

What can I do?

What can I do? Think, involve yourself and act for a world free of social inequality, a fair world is an interactive made for Metges del Món Catalunya (an NGO of doctors).

Las Sinsombrero

Interactive documentary –one of the faces of a transmedia project– about reclaim, disseminate and perpetuate the legacy of the many forgotten women of Generación del 27, at the beginning of the XX Century Spain. Directed by Intropía Media for RTVE.


Interactive documentary using parallax about the Gothic neighborhood in Barcelona. Developed at Master de Documental Creatiu at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Dizaina 2015

Spot for Dizaina, a design market in Figueres.

Speech Success – Interactive Haiku

Are you looking for listeners? This is the place to achieve the applause of a public only listening to you. This experience will allow your ideas and thoughts to have recognition for a minute, changing the perception that there is nobody on the other side.

Selected and produced at the call Interactive Haiku by NFB and Arte.

Special edition at l’Automàtica

Video about the printing of a special edition for the friends of l’Automàtica.

Special edition for Casa Orlandai

From a children school to a life school.

Quote by Marcel Oliveres Künzi

Limited edition of 300 prints for Casa Orlandai. Printed at l’Automàtica.

Constant Cartography

Constant Cartography is an art project about the visual rhetoric of urban cartography focusing on the following question: how do maps express their ideology? Project done with Belen Nogueira with a grant on research and creation by Generalitat de Catalunya in 2014.


Meta-Method. Shared methodologies in artistic processes.