Latent spaces. Machinic imaginations is an artistic research project on GANs. This website collects various training and results done between June to December 2018, with the funding of a "Scholarship for research and innovation in the fields of visual arts" of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Introduction


Training dataset: 18.657 entomology scientific drawings of the 19th Century.


Training dataset: 1.716 frames from "The shining" (1980, Stanley Kubrick).

A trip down latent space

Training dataset: 11.348 frames from "A trip down Market Street" (1906).

A mesh of Deren

Training dataset: 9.504 frames of "Meshes of the afternoon" (1943, Maya Deren).


Training dataset: 11.775 pornographic images

Difference and repetition

Training dataset: 1.022 images from image searches using words like "Gioconda" or "Mona Lisa".

First-person shooters

Training dataset: 21.164 frames from first-person shooters video games and military helmet cams.