Objectes Banals

Graphic design and concept for the book Objectes banals by Quim Catalozella. Book cover printed at L’Automàtica.

On the Line

TV series for Olympic Channel produced by El Cangrejo. Motion graphics, illustration and animation made by Estampa and Pere Ginard.

El Celler de Can Roca

Videowall for the exhibition El Celler de Can Roca. From the earth to the moon.

Las Sinsombrero, Educación

Educational interactive for the trasmedia project Las Sinsombrero (including also a webdoc). Hosted at leer.es and aimed to give educational materials related to the women of Generación del 27.

Chinese boxes

Chinese boxes is the website of an artistic project by Montse Carreño and Raquel Muñoz about China and Spain using a fictional story about reproduction and fake.

Raval’s vampire

360 documentary about one of the most infamous criminal cases in the history of Barcelona. Mixing recreated interviews, archive material and animation.

Tangible Animation

An animation programme of contemporary Catalan animators curated for Bill Festival 2016.


Tirabirak is a transmedia project about newspaper comic strips related to the Basque conflict.

Face and Code

New technologies and the social media networks are producing a new iconography of the face. In the field of research, software is being created that recognizes the identity or the emotions. In the field of social practices, the face is the center of actions such as a selfie or of apps allowing masking and changing of faces. This renewed iconography is inscribed in a long tradition of studies of the face that have aimed to measure it and make it speak. From physiognomy to digital biometrics, from the correct representation of passions to the monitoring of spectators, passing through the grimace as rebellion, the face has a history made of images.

A Catalan Constellation. Seven stellar stories

Seven stories of Catalan literature. A constellation that travels from Quim Monzó to Ramon Llull, including Joanot Martorell, Narcís Oller, Maria Barbal i Maria-Mercè Marçal. Script by Julià Guillamon


Webdoc made as a serious game about Colombian sanitary system. One of the faces of the transmedia project El paciente by Jorge Caballero.


Twenty-one artists, with ages between 6 and 12 years old, have made this short film about grimaces and faces. Animation workshop at FEC Festival 2016.

Housing and society

Graphic design and layout of the book Housing and society in XXI Century Catalonia. Illustrations and graphics were adapted to the graphic aesthetic of the book.


Poster proposal for the 166th edition of Candelera market at Molins de Rei. Not realised.

Smuggling is lost in the air

Short film adapting an excerpt of the book Solnegre by Baltasar Porcel. Part of the exhibition Baltasar Porcel. Malloca, Barcelona, el món. Script by Julià Guillamon, voice by Carme Sansa.