Content aware

An automation of anonymity based on the automation of detection, a disappearing act through the action of being erased, a photograph of the presence without the distraction of resemblance, a personless documentation for a world of networks and likes. During the action Content aware, Estampa acted as the community manager and documentary photographer of DONE4 –organized by Foto Colectania–, using neural nets to automatically detect and erase all the people in the photographs. The audience was asked to sign a “Terms and conditions” document giving their consent on disappearing from the images. The project moves in a constellation of questions about contemporary image production, the paradoxes between digital control and anonymity, and the history of photography.


Action developed between January 15 and February 17, 2020 at Foto Colectània and on the social networks of DONE.

Series of 60 photographs and documents.

Content aware has been produced thanks to the DONE4 creation program