Deep Blue Rhapsody

AI experiment on text generation for the literary event Kosmopolis 2019 (CCCB, Barcelona).


An artificial intelligence has read all the sonnets by Josep Pedrals and has thus learnt to create poetry. Or that’s what it wants us to believe. We pit man against machine for a live poetry impro face-off. Pedrals vs The Bad Student. Will a victor emerge?


The poetic combat Deep Blue Rhapsody took place during Kosmopolis 2019 with the poet Josep Pedrals, Carles Pedragosa as MC and Marisol López, Eugenio Tisselli and José Luis de Vicente as members of the jury. Original idea and production by Eulàlia Guarro and Maria Farràs from Stories Lab of Kosmopolis.


Deep Blue Rhapsody has been awarded the prize Premi Lletra 2019.


© CCCB, Carlos Cazurro, 2019


Recording of the show at KOSMOPOLIS 2019 (23/3/2019)


Sample of the poems generated during the training


Latent space portrait of Josep Pedrals