Chronicle of a Vanished City

Development of the Virtual Reality experience Chronicle of a vanished city

Proyecto Arkano

Motion graphics and animation for Proyecto Arkano (Producciones del Barrio and RTVE).


Music video of the song “Guerra” by Yacine Belahcene

Fabricando mujeres

Fabricando Mujeres (Manufacturing Women) is an interactive web documentary. It is based on the study carried out by SETEM (‘Do we consume violence?’), that analyzes the sexist violences that we perceive through conventional consumption. In the interactive there’s a space to place complaints and another to propose real alternatives that help combat these violences. Graphic design by Ana Milton.

Peixos d’aigua dolça (en aigua salada)

Animation and graphic design for the documentary Peixos d’aigua dolça (en aigua salada) (2018) by Marc Serena.

No callarem

Music video for Sisu –”Alegria Subversiva”, 2018–

Amb qui parlo?

A film made at a workshop with children at FEC festival 2018. A film about communication: electromagnetic waves, emojis, hands, secret languages and much more!

Roundabouts. Panoramas and phases for a moving observer

Roundabouts are threshold spaces between the urban and the rural. The moving landscape breaks down and is reconstructed through a game of layers and phases. Inspired by the studies of the architect Kevin Lynch and by minimalist structures of Steve Reich’s music.

Light and Street

Video essay produced for the on-line channel Soy Cámara (CCCB). A study of the uses of the light in the public space in four parts: “Night without shadows”, “Mechanical night”, “Electrical nights” and “Liberación y reparación” [Unlocking and repair/Liberation and reparation]


A VR experience, halfway between documentary and futuristic fiction, which examines the challenges of manipulating the human genome.


Bubble Beirut

Graphic design and concept for the photography book Bubble Beirut by Anna Bosch Miralpeix with texts by Àlex Gutiérrez. Printed partially at L’Automàtica.

A shoot in the head

Visuals for the theater play Un tret al cap [A shoot in the head] by Pau Miró. Premiere at Sala Beckett on June 2017, during festival GREC.

La parafernàlia

Animation workshop express (3h) and for all ages at FEC Festival 2017 in Reus.