Video loop, HD, 9:20 – 2022

Taupada is the exploration of an interstitial situation. Between photography and video, between stasis and movement, between potency and action, between past and present, between one step and the next, between one eye and the other or between the two phases of a heartbeat.

The starting material is a collection of stereographs preserved at Fototeca de Navarra. Stereoscopy occupies a paradoxical position in the history of photography; dependent on a viewing apparatus, it seems to inaugurate a tradition of devices that resonates more with our present world -because of the mediated and immaterial character of the image it creates- than with 20th century photography. The sensation of volume obtained through the viewer can be partially recreated on video by switching quickly between each image. This recreation adds, however, an element that the original material lacks: images beat. A trembling shakes the stereoscopic pair. A pulse animates the represented world. Two images are already enough to palpitate.

Taupada explores these minimal elements of the animation of a world, as well as the momentary crystallization of an era in an archival imagery. A world paused but soaked with the beat of potency about to be actuality, of action again and again at the fingertips.

Some of the original stereographs digitzed (Fototeca de Navarra)


This same material was used as a collection of headers for Punto de Vista Festival 2022 (Pamplona): https://tallerestampa.com/en/punto-de-vista/