Please don’t assume that we do

Terms and Conditions documents are a symptomatic genre and style of our environment. They expose in a hidden way and bordering on unintelligibility the operation of most of the tools we use.

The following list is a selection of senteces found in the terms and conditions of hegemonic internet platforms, as well as phrases generated with a text-generating neural network that has been trained to write with these documents. Both, original or generated, works as a kind of linguistic slip on the behaviour and imaginary of the network (its mechanisms or its hyperbolic and paranoid character).



. . .


Things you and others do and provide / Cosas que tú y otras personas hacéis y nos proporcionáis.

That does not necessarily mean that we review content, so please don’t assume that we do.

You should look at the terms regularly.

Different or additional terms may apply.

The effect is permanent. If you submit a request to have your house blurred, all historical and future images of your house will also be blurred.

We collect your privacy practices.

Please don’t assume that we do so, for you should know that we have separate privacy issues in a way that we have about you.

Please don’t assume that we do not have other terms, applicable laws, conditions

We collect and use personal information we collect from you, which means we use the information we collect to do so we’ve used to operate and share it with our services. For more information we believe we have about this information we have about our services.

Your personal data we collect from you, provide to a service or other users of the “we” or “us”, is a service (including through a service) in the world, including if you are designed.

We also provide the information you are technology for a message, for others and to you.

If we don’t agree with a legal basis for an opportunity to review, we can contact us at any time. If you do so, we can do so.

We want your name, voice, videos, or other communications as well as the rights, text of operating system, shipping notifications, and name and phone number.

We want your rights.

When you use our services, these terms, these terms and policies, these policies, and privacy practices, you’re designed to manage, and security.

When you use our services, we let you make, you make – you give us interest to enjoy using our Privacy Policy.