Light and street

2017, 17 min 43 s, HD. Spanish

A study of the uses of the light in the public space in four parts: “Night without shadows”, “Mechanical night”, “Electrical nights” and “Liberación y reparación” [Unlocking and repair/Liberation and reparation].

A flashing history of the uses of light in public space, taking in both street lighting and its relation with safety, and commercial uses. The homogeneous light that seeks a night without shadows and the heterogeneous lights of electric nights. From the electrical fantasies of the 19th century to mappings, from the lighting extravagancies of optical sights to the mediatic façades of contemporary architecture. Luz y calle describes the fascination with light as an illusory resource, starting with its imprint on popular culture.

Produced for the on-line channel Soy Cámara by CCCB.