Layers of dye

Textile and video – 2023


Project in collaboration with 1st ESO students from Vapor del Fil secondary school (Barcelona) within En Residència programme (ICUB, Ajuntament de Barcelona) and with the mediation of A Bao A Qu. Sot Archeological Prospection also collaborated with the project.

Textile piece made by Francesca Piñol




Layers of dye is the final installation of a creative process carried out during the 2022-2023 school year at the Vapor del Fil secondary school, located within the grounds of the former Fabra i Coats thread factory. Based on a story heard about how the old dye tanks of the factory are buried under the current playground, a work was developed about how to see what is hidden (by space, time or our perceptual system).

As part of this research, the playground was explored with a georadar to observe the underground. The visualisation offered by this instrument was used to create a textile piece, around which the final installation revolves.




Georadar horizontal plane


Georadar vertical plane





Photographies of the doc


Blog by the students: