US experimental animation of the eighties (Xcèntric)

A selection of US experimental animation from the eighties. The films of Jane Aaron, Brady Lewis, Gary Schwartz and Al Jarnow play with the contrast between animation and real spaces, principally using pixelation techniques for playful and experimental purposes. Protovin and Backus’s City Scapes trilogy is a documentary portrait of places in Manhattan, mixing photography and animation. The films are preserved at the collection of the New York Public Library, a major focus of independent animation in the seventies and eighties.

Interior Designs, Jane Aaron, 1980, 5 min; Remains to Be Seen, Jane Aaron, 1983, 7 min; Traveling Light, Jane Aaron, 1985, 2 min; Set in Motion, Jane Aaron,1986, 4 min; Cubits, Al Jarnow, 1977, 3 min; Shorelines, Al Jarnow, 1977, 4 min; No Action,Brady Lewis, 1982, 5 min; Animus, Gary Schwartz, 1982, 5 min; Manhattan Quartet,Franklin Backus i Richard Protovin, 1982, 10 min; Southern Images,Franklin Backus i Richard Protovin, 1983, 11 min; Battery Film,Franklin Backus i Richard Protovin,1985, 11 min. Projecció en 16 mm.

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Traveling light (1985), Jane Aaron.


Set in motion (1989), Jane Aaron.


Cubits (1978), Al Jarnow.